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Värmlandsgården trail (12 km)

This beautiful trail with start and finish at Värmlandsgården takes you trough the diverse landscape of Värmland.


Värmlandsgården trail 12km

Värmlandsgården trail (12 km)

The trail starts and ends at Värlandsgården. A part of the hike follows dirt roads, but most parts follow small hiking trails through forest and wetlands. The hike goes up to 'Snarkullen' in the southern part, where you can enjoy a very great view over the Upplunden Lake.

In the summer you can finish the hike with a refreshing dip in the lake and enjoy some ice cream in the sun.

Length: 12 km
Difficulty: Medium
Mark: Red
Start (GPS): 60.05081, 13.865519


Outdoor- and nature activities
in the beautiful nature of Värmland