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Canoe, boat and Raft rental

Half or full day tours with canoe, rowing boat or raft with motor in the lakes surrounding Värmlandsgården.

Prices canoe, boat and raft rental

4 hourswhole day
Canoe 180 SEK 300 SEK
Rowing boat 180 SEK 300 SEK
Rowing boat with electromotor with full battery 280 SEK 400 SEK
Motorraft (max 6 persons) including gasoline 400 SEK 500 SEK

Värmlandsgården daytrip map

Värmlandsgården daytrip map

Canoe, boat and raft rental

Rent out a canoe, rowing boat or raft and explore the lakes around the campsite. Take a break on one of the islands for a barbecue or picnic, go to a little cave at the Upplunden lake, the church in Gustav Adolf or go little further to a shelter in the Deglunden lake. These nice places are on the map you get when you hire a canoe. At the reception you can buy some snacks to take with you on your trip.


Outdoor- and nature activities
in the beautiful nature of Värmland