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Terms and Conditions

Värmlandsgården is a privately owned Swedish company that offers overnight accommodation and outdoor activities for individuals, companies and groups. Address Upplund Värmlandsgården 2, 68391 Hagfors, telephone number +43 56391111, e-mail

Reservation / booking

When booking, a booking confirmation and / or invoice will be obtained with the name of the person responsible for the booking and payment. This person is hereinafter referred to as the guest. The guest must be at least 18 years old and he / she is required to provide Värmlandsgården with complete and correct booking and contact details. The booking confirmation and / or invoice is the agreement between the guest and Värmlandsgården. It must contain the products and / or services that have been booked: time / place for the start / finish of the booking plus any other additional arrangements with Värmlandsgården. The guest is responsible for checking the booking confirmation and / or invoice and informs Värmlandsgården in case of any mistakes. Online booking of activities is possible up to 4 days before arrival.


Payment can be made by invoice or on site (if confirmed in writing) by bank card, credit card or cash.
Payment by invoice of the total price must be paid within 10 days of booking. Always state the booking number with the payment. 


Cancellation shall be made by the guest by telephone or e-mail.

  • In case of cancellation more than 60 days before arrival date, 15% of the booking costs will be charged.
  • If canceled more than 30 days before arrival date, 30% of the booking costs will be charged.
  • If canceled 30 days or less before arrival date, 100% of the booking costs will be charged.

Change booking

A change in date can be made by the guest free of charge up to 30 days before arrival, subject to availability. If there is no availability and / or the date change is within 30 days of arrival, the change will be treated as a cancellation.Other changes such as adding people and / or products are possible based on availability. Please contact Värmlandsgården by e-mail or telephone for these matters.Changes will be confirmed by Värmlandsgården by e-mail, modified booking confirmation and / or invoice. From that moment on, the change is final.Costs may be charged for any changes in the program on site or when additional transport is required.  

Guest responsibility

  1. General:

Check the booking confirmation and / or invoice to make sure it contains the correct information. Mistakes should be reported immediately to Värmlandsgården. The guest will inform his / her fellow travelers about what has been booked and the conditions. The guest must take out insurance himself, such as travel insurance, liability insurance and cancellation insurance.

2 Stay:

The guest must treat the accommodations with respect and follow the general rules and instructions of the staff. The guest is responsible for any damage to the property, furniture and surroundings. Only the number of people specified at the time of booking is allowed to stay in the property.After the stay, the cabin must be cleaned if no final cleaning has been booked. Cleaning products are provided in the cabin. Final cleaning can be booked up till the day before arrival. If the cabin is not left clean, a cost of 600 SEK will be charged. The guest will bring their own bed linen if not booked.Without permission from Värmlandsgården, it is not allowed to install your own music system or other equipment that may disturb other guests in the accommodation or nearby.Smoking is prohibited in all cabins, rooms and other buildings. Pets are allowed in a limited number of cabins. Please inform Värmlandsgården by phone or e-mail if you want to bring a pet into the cabin.Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. the camping ground should be quiet. If this quietness is not respected, Värmlandsgården reserves the right to proceed with immediate eviction of the guest if instructions are not immediately followed. In this case, no refund is available for the remaining period of stay.Check-in at the campsite is from 12 noon and check-out no later than 12 noon. At the cabins, check-in is from 3 pm and check-out is no later than 10 am. If the guest does not check out on time, additional costs may be charged. 

3 Activities:

For activities in nature (canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, etc.), the guest will bring appropriate clothing and will always approach water activities with caution. All adults in the group must be able to swim and life jackets are required. The guest is responsible for the timely, intact and clean return of the rented equipment at the location indicated by Värmlandsgården. Lost materials must be paid for. The guest is obligated to report damages and pay the repair costs.At the start of an activity, the guest must sign a contract regarding the following points.

  • The guest has made an appropriate estimate to be able to perform the activity based on the information provided.
  • The guest understands and respects the Swedish right of public access.For example, the guest could be sentenced by the authorities to damages, fines or imprisonment if a fire gets out of hand, if a fire is started during a fire ban, or if rubbish is left on the ground.For canoeing: Children 15 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult. 

4 Supplement for groups:

As a group we define a club, school, organization or company consisting of at least 10 or more people. The booking must be made by a person who is at least 18 years old, hereinafter referred to as contact person in this initial. This contact person must book the activity in the name of the club, organization, school or company he / she represents and provide Värmlandsgården with the correct contact details and billing address. The contact person is responsible for the group, including minor participants, during the stay and the activities at Värmlandsgården. For groups where participants are 15 years of age or younger, there must be at least one responsible adult for every ten children. The contact person will provide Värmlandsgården with the names and mobile phone numbers of all responsible adults before arrival, as well as a list of all other participants with name and date of birth.

Organization responsibility

Värmlandsgården ensures that the guest will get a good briefing before all activities in nature. The briefing provides the guest with information about route, technology, safety on the water, Swedish right of public access, current forest fire risk, etc.All activities in a natural environment are exposed to the current weather conditions. Rain, thaw and drought can lead to variable water levels in the waterways where the activities of Värmlandsgården take place. Värmlandsgården reserves the right to change an arrangement due to external factors over which we don’t have control.  


If the guest finds a shortcoming in the implementation of the agreement, he must report this as soon as possible so that an appropriate solution can be found. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved on site, the guest can make this known to Värmlandsgården in writing and substantiated, no later than 14 days after the end of the activity. 

Personal data

Värmlandsgården is responsible for the secure and structured recording and processing of the guest's personal data in connection with accommodation / activity bookings. 

Force Majeure

Both the guest and Värmlandsgården have the right to withdraw from the agreement if it cannot be performed due to war, natural disasters, industrial disputes, severe water or energy supply disruption, the outbreak of fire or any other similar significant event which prevents the activity or stay from being completed. Under these circumstances, Värmlandsgården is not obliged to pay any fees or other fines. 

We wish you a natural experience!