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Packing list

It is convenient to pack part of the luggage in backpack (s), so that it can easily be carried during land

 Tent
 Sleeping mats
 Sleeping bag, if possible packed waterproof
 Tarp or extra sail
 Few meters of rope
 Campingstove with pans, mug, cutlery and plate
 Dishcloth, sponge and biodegradable detergent
 First aid kit
 Compass
 Waterproof case for your phone
 Backpack
 Waterproof bags if available, or number of plastic bags
 Anti mosquito spray or cream
 Sunscreen
 Food
 Jerrycan or number of bottles for drinking water
 Flashlight
 Clothing for all types of weather, preferably light clothing that dries quickly. It is important to
keep warm and dry.
 Rain gear
 A pair of sturdy shoes for the evening and longer overland portages
 Light shoes / water shoes for the canoe.
 Swimwear
 Lightweight towel
 Toiletries, biodegradable soap / shampoo
 Toilet paper

Included in the tour is: Canoe or kayak, canoe car, life jackets, paddles, rope, sponge, waterproof
barrel, spade and 2 garbage bags (30L), description of the tour. In case of damage or loss of
materials, additional costs are charged.