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Beautiful situated between two lakes. Värmlandsgården is the ideal location for active groups from 8 to 100 persons.

Stay in cabins (total 40 beds), the campsite (100 persons) or on the island Getön (200 metres from Värmlandsgården).

Canoe tours up to 150 kilometer starting from Värmlandsgården.

Map Värmlandsgården

Map Varmlandsgarden


Looking for action and nature with a group? Värmlandsgården is the perfect location boasting several accommodation possibilities and a variety of activities.

Our accommodation:
  • Camping up to 100 persons. The campsite has several fire pits, a swimming area, sauna, little shop, a recreation room with a woodstove and cooking facilities.
  • Cabins up to 40 personen. The cabins are provided with their own toilet, shower and kitchen.
  • Outdoor island Geton (200 meter away from Värmlandsgården) for a real outdoor experience. On the island are several fire pits, dry toilets and spaces to put up your tent.

From Värmlandsgården you can do several activities. We have 50 Canadian canoes we can rent out for day tours or multiple day tours.

You can find more information about activities here

Beside these activities we can offer extra activities as archery, axe throwing, orientation, nature guiding etc.

We will be happy to help you put together a suitable programme for your group.